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"Cartoon Humor Magazine" - 1940

  Excerpt: As you probably know, if you have read Syd’s biographies in the previous two issues of CARTOON HUMOR, he is twenty-seven years old, and his secret ambitions are (1) to have a play produced on Broadway; (2) to own a seagoing yacht. It takes a heap of coaxing to obtain fresh data from him. In answer to our latest request, he wrote, “This is the beginning to get like a vaudeville act.” Nevertheless, he sent a new photo of himself pointing out that he is big for his age, fond of sports and married. He like music, nice people and has just returned with his wife from a delightful automobile trip to California.

He continues, “On quiet night I enjoy listening to the man in the moon, who seems to be saying, ‘Folks, keep America out of war. Don’t trust the politicians!’ (Imagine Mr. Moon saying all that!).”

"Believe it or not, you're a father!"

"This is the guy who used to beat me up in kindergarten."







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