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"Familiar Jewish Words & Expressions"
(published by Calvert Distillers - date unknown)

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BEGGAR – Schnorrer (Shnaw-er): Literally, a beggar. But schnorrer commonly has a lighter and often humorous meaning. Example: “I’m telling you, that friend of mine, Mortimer, is a 24-krat schnorrer. He invited me to lunch, smoked my cigarettes, then asked me to pick up the check and add his share to the money he already owed me but needed more time to repay.”

DOPE – Schlemiel (Shle-meel): As the old saying goes, a schlemiel is very bright at doing dumb things. If he fell on his back in bed, he’d find some way to break his nose on the ceiling.
TROUBLES – Tzorres (Tzorr-ess): Said the bachelor to the husband-hunting maiden: “Roses are red, violets are blue, tzorres means trouble, and so do you?” As the old saying goes: The world’s supply of tzorress will always exceed the demand.”
  CONNOISSEUR - Mayvin (May-vin): The real mayvin will pay any price to get the tenderest center slices of lox. But when it comes to the finest Canadian whisky, he knows how to save about a dollar per bottle. Let all mayvinim serve Canadian Lord Calvert.






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