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Fiction Short Stories

While Syd’s career as a cartoonist continued to skyrocket, he also began to experiment with several new genres, including short fiction stories written for the following publications:


The Ghost & Mr. Grebner - Alfred Hitchcock Behind the Death Ball Mystery Magazine, 1979

A Hundred Times – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, July 1966

Poof! – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Oct 1969

The Human Fly – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, March, 1970

Older Than Springtime – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, June 1970; reprinted in the Dell paperback Coffin Break, May 1974

Chance of a Ghost – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, September 1970

The Ghost and Mr. Grebner – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, November 1970

Pep Talk – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, December 1970

No Room at the Top – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, January 1971

A Hundred Times - Alfred Hitchcock Hard Day at the Scaffold Mystery Magazine, 1967

Can Such Things Be? – Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, June, 1970

Nose Job – Charlie Chan Mystery Magazine, May, 1974

Reach For a Star – Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, February, 1964

Goodbye, Sweethearts – Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, Aug 1964

And the Summer's Young Yet – Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, June 1965

Smooth as Ice – Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, Jan 1970

Charlie and the Evil Eye – Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, Jan 1974

The Memory Game – Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, June 1974

The Urgency of the Situation – Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, Oct 1974

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A Hundred Times – reprinted in Time Bomb- and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense, 1971 (H.D.S. Publications)

Hoff in Italy – Rogue Magazine, March, 1964 (includes drawings)

Moment of Truth – THIS WEEK Magazine, December, 1963

The Cool Water – Detroit Athletic Club News, July, 1960

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