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Kids Page

~ This page has been created especially for children…
our next generation of cartoonists ~


Syd’s career began to take flight even before he even started school. With chalk in hand, he left his mark on sidewalks in the Bronx, NY. Once launched as a cartoonist and children’s author, he spent many years traveling to schools and classrooms across the country entertaining children through stories and drawings. He taught children how they could spread their artistic wings and learn how to cartoon using numbers and letters.


Author Syd Hoff shows children how he draws pictures of dogs from letter in the word "woof"
(Photos by David Hartung)

See Syd's Video about drawing cartoons  

  Here are some examples of Syd’s creativity. Now it’s your turn! Take out a clean piece of paper and see how a simple letter or number can become a person, animal or whatever you imagine. You can even add more characters and write a short story to go along with your drawings.  

The Young Cartoonist…the ABC’s of Cartooning by Syd Hoff
Stravon Educational Press - 1983
Do these characters look familiar?
Can you name them?
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