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"Friday Magazine " - 1940

FRIDAY - the magazine that dares tell the Truth. This particular issue (September 13, 1940) includes a lead article by democrat Senator Burton Wheeler, who served from 1923-47. During WWII he was in support of the anti-war America First Committee - one of the country's largest anti-war organizations - a pressure group against the American entry into WWII. There were 800,000 paid members, presenting 650 chapters. In 1941, he investigates "interventionists" in the motion picture industry. Syd's 6 panel cartoon "LIARS" is a humorous look at how people (in this case, the subtle reference to politicians) say one thing yet mean another.

"I'm sorry - he's out of town."
"...and when I'm elected..."
"Why, it makes Madame look half her age!"
"Listen, baby, I can put you in the movies."
"Now this won't hurt you a bit."
"It was this big.




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