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Book List:
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Children’s Books:

Title: Publisher: Date:
Amy’s Dinosaur Windmill Books / Simon & Schuster, NY 1974
Albert the Albatross Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1961
A Walk Past Ellen’s House McGraw Hill, NY 1973
Baseball Mouse Putnam, NY 1969
Barkley Harper & Row, NY 1975
Barney’s Horse Harper & Row / HarperColllins, NY 1987
Bernard on his Own Clarion Books, NY 1993
Chester Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1961
Captain Cat HarperCollins, NY 1993
Danny & the Dinosaur* (50th Anniversary!) Harper and Row/ HarperCollins, NY 1958
Danny & the Dinosaur Goes to Camp* HarperCollins, NY 1996
Dinosaur Do’s & Don’ts Windmill Books / Simon & Schuster, NY 1975
Duncan the Dancing Duck Clarion Books, NY 1969
Eight Little Artists Abelard-Schuman, NY 1954
Grizzwold Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1963
Giants and Other Plays for Kids Putnam, NY 1973
Happy Birthday Danny and the Dinosaur HarperCollins, NY 1995
Henrietta Lays Some Eggs Garrard Publishing, Illinois 1978
Henrietta Circus Star Garrard Publishing, Illinois 1978
Henrietta the Early Bird Garrard Publishing, Illinois 1979
Henrietta Goes to the Fair Garrard Publishing, Illinois 1979
Henrietta’s Halloween Garrard Publishing, Illinois 1980
Henrietta’s 4th of July Garrard Publishing, Illinois 1981
Henrietta's Vacation Garrard Publishing, Illinois 1985
Happy Birthday Henrietta Garrard Publishing, Illinois 1983
Herschel the Hero Putnam, NY 1971
Ida the Bareback Rider Putnam, NY 1972
Julius Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1959
Jeffrey at Camp Putnam, NY 1968
Kip Van Wrinkle Putnam, NY 1974
Katy’s Kitty Windmill Books / Simon & Schuster, NY 1975
Little Chief Harper & Row, NY 1961
Lengthy Putnam, NY 1964
Lengthy, the Long, Long Dog Random House, NY 1980
Mahatma Putnam, NY 1969
Mrs. Switch Putnam, NY 1966
Mrs. Brice’s Mice Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1994
My Aunt Rosie Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1994
Merry Christmas Henrietta Garrard Publishing, Illinois 1980
Muscles and Brains Dial Press, NY 1940
Oliver HarperCollins, NY 1960
Ogluk the Eskimo Holt, Rinehart & Winston, NY 1960
Palace Bug Putnam, NY 1970
Pedro and the Bananas Putnam, NY 1972
Pete’s Pup Windmill Books / Simon & Schuster, NY 1975
Patty’s Pet Abelard-Schuman, NY 1955
Roberto & the Bull McGraw Hill, NY 1970
Sammy the Seal Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1959
Slugger Sal’s Slump Windmill Books/ Simon & Schuster, NY 1979
Santa’s Moose Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1979
Soft Skull Sam Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, NY 1981
Slither’s Putnam, NY 1968
Syd Hoff Treasury (Sammy the Seal, Stanley &
HarperCollins 1998
Siegfried, Dog of the Alps Grosset & Dunlap, NY 1970
Stanley Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1962
The Littlest Leaguer Windmill Books / Simon & Schuster, NY 1976
Thunderhoof Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1971
The Horse in Harry’s Room HarperCollins, NY 1970
The Witch, the Cat & the Baseball Bat Grosset & Dunlap, NY 1968
The Litter Knight McGraw Hill, NY 1960
The Lighthouse Children HarperCollins, NY 1977
The Mule Who Struck it Rich Little Brown & Co, Boston 1971
Where’s Prancer HarperCollins, NY 1960
Walpole Harper & Row/HarperCollins, NY 1977
Who Will Be My Friends Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1960
Wilfred the Lion Putnam, NY 1970
Wanda’s Wand C.R. Gibson, CT 1968
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Children’s Books Inspired by Real People:

Mighty Babe Ruth Scholastic Books 1979
Scarface Al & His Uncle Sam Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, NY 1980
Gentleman Jim & the Great John L
(prizefighter John Sullivan)
Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, NY 1977
Boss Tweed and the Man Who Drew Him
(political cartoonist Thomas Nast)
Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, NY 1978
The Man who Loved Animals
(SPCA founder Henry Bergh)
Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, NY 1982
Arturo’s Baton (conductor Arturo Toscanini) Clarion Books, NY 1995

How To / Joke Books:

How to Draw Dinosaurs Windmill Books / Simon & Schuster, NY 1981
How to Draw Cartoons Scholastic Books 1979
How to Draw with Letters and Numbers Scholastic Books 1993
Nutty Noodles Scholastic Books 1980
Young Cartoonist ABC’s Stravon, NY 1983
It’s Fun Learning Cartooning Stravon, NY 1952
The Art of Cartooning Stravon, NY 1973
Syd Hoff’s Joke Book Putnam, NY 1972
Best Joke’s Ever Putnam, NY 1978
How to Make Up Jokes Grosset & Dunlap, NY 1977
Joke’s To Enjoy, Draw and Tell Putnam, NY 1974
Animal Jokes Lippincott, NY 1985
Learning to Cartoon Stravon Ed. Press, NY 1966


Irving and Me* Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1967

Outdoor Books:

Hunting Anyone? Bobbs Merrill, Indianapolis 1963
Upstream, Downstream & Out of My Mind Bobbs Merrill, Indianapolis 1961
‘Twixt the Cup and the Lipton Bobbs Merrill, Indianapolis 1962

Adult Cartoon Books:

Feeling No Pain Dial Press, NY 1944
Mom! I’m Home (dedicated to WWII) Doubleday, NY 1945
Oops!  Wrong Party Dutton & Co., NY 1951
Oops! Wrong Stateroom Ives Washburn, NY 1953
The Better Hoff  Holt-Rinehart-Winston, NY 1956
Military Secrets Hillair, NY 1943
Out of Gas Ives Washburn, NY 1954
From Bed to Nurse or What a Way to Die Dell, NY 1963
Okay…You Can Look Now Duell  Sloan, NY 1955
So This is Matrimony Pocket Books, NY 1962
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Editorial & Political Cartooning Stravon, NY 1976
The Ruling Clawss by A. Redfield (Syd Hoff) The Daily Worker, NY 1935
Mr. His by A. Redfield (Syd Hoff) The New Masses, NY 1939

Illustrated by Syd Hoff / Written by other Authors:

Play Ball with Roger the Dodger (Al Campanis) Putnam, NY 1980
Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduah! (Allan Sherman) Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1963
I Can’t Dance (Allan Sherman) Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1964
I Should Have Stayed in Bed (Joan M. Lexau) Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1965
The Homework Caper (Joan M. Lexau) Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1966
Don’t Be My Valentine (Joan Lexau) Harper & Row, NY 1999
The Rooftop Mystery (Joan Lexau) Harper & Row, NY 1968
A Chanukah Fable for Christmas (Jerome Coppersmith) Putnam, NY 1969
Henri Goes to the Mardi Gras (Mildred Whatley Wright) Putnam, NY 1970
Mean Max (John Peterson) Scholastic 1970
The Boy Who Could Find Anything (Joan Lowery Nixon) Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, NY 1978
Bigfoot Makes a Movie (Joan Lowery Nixon) Putnam, NY 1979
A Family Apart (Joan Lowry Nixon) Bantam Books, Maryland 1988
Arthur Gets What He Spills (Louise Armstrong) Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, NY 1979
The Snake that Couldn’t Slither (Peggy Bradbury) Putnam, NY 1982
I Saw You in the Bathtub (Alvin Schwartz) Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1989
Donald and the Fish That Walked (Edward Ricciuti) Harper & Row, NY 1974
Letters From Camp (Bill Adler) Signet Books, NY 1962
More Letters From Camp (Bill Adler) Signet Books, NY 1967
Still More Letters From Camp (Bill Adler) Signet Books, New American Library, NY 1968
Letters From Newlyweds (Bill Adler) Signet books, New American Library, NY 1970
Thunder Over Bronx (Arthur Kober) Simon & Schuster 1936
Parm Me (Arthur Kober) Constable, London 1945
My Dear Bella (Arthur Kober) Bantam Books, Maryland  
How to Run a Country, etc –
        Kids Write their Congressmen (Harold Dunn)
Horizon Press, NY 1963
A Super Fullback for the Super Bowl (Claire & Frank Gault) Scholastic 1977
Christopher Columbus (Ruth Gross) Scholastic 1974
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Written by Syd / Illustrated by Others:

When Will It Snow? (pictures by Mary Chalmers) Harper & Row / HarperCollins, NY 1971

Other Books/Publications including Syd’s Cartoons/Stories:

Title: Publisher: Date:
Tales for Little Rebels New York University Press, NY 2008
It’s Super to be Six (a collection of author stories) Scholastic 2000
Pet Stories (a collection of author stories) SeaStar/Chronicle Books 2000
Syd Hoff - A Biography for Young Readers Mitchell Lane Press, Delaware 2006
Playboy Cartoon Album #7 Playboy Press, NY 1980
The New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925-1975 Viking Press, NY 1975
The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, NY 2004
Encyclopedia of American Comics Adams Media Corp. 1990
Animals, Animals, Animals…A Collection of Great
        Animal Cartoons
Harper & Row, NY 1979
Cartoon Cavalcade Simon & Schuster, NY 1943
Cartoonist Profiles #74 Jud Hurd, Editor – Westport, CT 1987
Comic Art in America Simon & Schuster 1959
Klassic, Krazy, Kool Kids Komics DW Publishing, San Diego CA 2010
Labor’s Joke Book WD Press - St. Louis, MO 1985
Sketchbook of American Humorists Publisher Service Co, Inc - NY 1938
The Comics University Press Mississippi 1991
The Funnies-100 Years of American Comic Strips Adams Media Corp. 1995
The Laugh Round Up Grosset & Dunlap, NY 1964
The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons Gale Research 1980
Famous Artists & Writers King Features Syndicate 1949
Sex Rears its Lovely Head ~by Jerome Beatty, Jr. Bantam Books, NY 1956
Tales for Little Rebels New York University Press, NY 2008


Giants and Other Plays for Kids 1973
Television Show: "Tales of Hoff" series 1947
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*Irving and Me:  selected as the top 10 children’s books in 1967 by New York Times
Kirkus Book Review- Artie Granick is the funniest fall guy since Herman Wouk’s “City Boy” – highly recommended.

*Danny and the Dinosaur Goes to Camp:  Kirkus Book Review, 1996
Danny and his dinosaur (who, although he has been Danny’s friend since 1958, have never been given a name) are off again, this time to summer camp, and everyone has a wonderful time, including readers.  Danny’s dinosaur makes everything more fun – racing (he needs to take only one step to win), rowing (he’s the boat), hiking (he can offer all the tired hikers a ride home), eating a lot of toasted marshmallows (guess who eats the most?), or sleeping under the stars (no cot is big enough for a dinosaur).  Hoff’s simple prose and cartoon illustrations make a delightful book for beginning readers, with enough illustrations to ensure new readers success.  Every collection will have room for this welcome addition to the popular series

Archived Work:

  • deGrummond’s Children’s Literature Collection - University of Southern Mississippi
  • UCLA - Department of Special Collections, Young Research Library (1960-72)
  • Michigan State University – Special Collections, Comic Art Collections
  • University of Minnesota - Kerlan Collection (1958-94)
  • Syracuse University Library of Special Collections research Center, American Radicalism Ephemera Collection (1935-38)
  • Radical Pamphlets Collection – Brandeis University
  • Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
  • Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas-Josephson Collection
  • Syracuse University- collection of original "Laugh it Off" cartoons
  • Tamiment Library, New York City: Film R-7693: Champion Of Youth, September 1936- A. Redfield cartoon.
Also Listed in:
  • Who was Who in American Art – 1985-1999
  • American Wit and Humor
  • Who’s Who in America, 1970-71
  • Author’s and Writer’s Who’s Who, 1963
  • Contemporary Authors, volume 5-6
  • Illustrator’s of Children’s Books: 1957-1966, 1968
  • Something About the Author Autobiographical Series, volume 4, 1988
  • Children’s Books and their Creators (Silvey, Anita, ed.)1995
  • Twentieth Century Children’s Writers (Berger, Laura, ed) 1995
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