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Notes Of Appreciation:

Thanks so much for the superb site! I’ve been a fan of your uncle's cartoons for years and have his Learning to Cartoon book, Feeling No Pain and Oops! Wrong Party. He especially appeals to me, as I draw cartoons. Your uncle's drawing style makes me smile even before I get the joke...I know I'm in for fun with a Hoff cartoon! I admire his pointers on using the familiar in creating humor, advice I take to heart. Thanks again for a site I'll be sure to revisit early and often

Brian (2011)

Dear Mr. Hoff,

When I was very young you did a presentation in our school about Danny the Dinosaur. I was very interested in cartoon illustration, and had even illustrated and written my own books. My teacher was very confident of my abilities and arranged for me to meet with you after the presentation. That is one of my very fond memories of childhood. You told me to stick to my dream, showed me how to draw some of your book's characters, and even illustrated Danny and autographed it. I went on to illustrate my own book, and actually won several awards from the Reading is Fundamental contest. I did not go on to become a cartoonist, however I now share my abilities with my own children and they love it! Meeting you was such a pleasure, more so than you know. I located the website and I couldn't believe all the memories it brought back. The feelings made me feel like a child again. I just wanted to say thank you and I will be purchasing your books to read to my own children, as I have told them the story of meeting you as a child.

Gina (2011)

I was just thinking about children's books and decided to look up Syd Hoff. I came across this web page and decided to write and let you know what a nice man he was. When my 20 year old daughter was in 2nd and 3rd grades, Syd Hoff was her favorite author. We own just about every book and she had to read them daily. We found his address while at the library one day and Caroline wrote to him. Imagine her surprise when he wrote her back! We framed the letter and she again wrote to him. He wrote her back. He was so kind to write to an 8 year old fan! He was a wonderful writer and a wonderful man.

Lisa (2010)

I don't know if I met Mr. Hoff, but I know he came to my grade school when I was a child in the early nineties in Mesa, AZ. I have since longed to animate cartoons and now am working on a children's book myself. I want to let you know that Syd Hoff has indeed been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. How he spoke of his brother Danny, being so proud that he was the main character in a book of his brother. It saddens me that that wonderful man cannot mentor me, now that I know what I want to do. But thank you so much for setting up this website. He was a remarkable man. Once again, thanks for making all of this information available.

Ross (2011)

This past Saturday our four year old granddaughter came to our home. Since she had just turned four, I decided it was time to bring out my very favorite book from the time I was four. She loves to be read too. The book, Muscles and Brains, was the most influential book of my childhood. It taught me to balance my health with my love of learning. My age, perish the thought, is 73, but this past November I placed third in my age group in a 66 mile bicycle race in Tucson. This activity is motivated by Syd Hoff’s wonderful book, Muscles and Brains.

Lee (2011)

I would like to thank Syd Hoff for his delightful children’s books which inspired me to read as a child. I was a very active child who loved the outdoors and sport. One day I vividly remember my father passing me a book named Gentleman Jim and the great John L. To this day I credit this book in encouraging me to read and focus on my school work, not just sporting pursuits! This book related to me so well I read this book from cover to cover over a thousand times. My father also loved the story as he was involved in the sport of boxing and we shared the book together. This book I believe is the BEST children’s book I have ever read. I actually entered a career in teaching and carried the book with me to many disadvantaged schools in which I would read the book to students who would hang on every word. Syd Hoff, I thank you for your story which inspired me to read. I remember reading other books from your collection - about Babe Ruth, Scarface Al, and a story about the man who started the SPCA. I am very impressed that your website is dedicated to such a sensational man who has left an imprint on my life. A brilliant man and a great writer who inspired many and hopefully many more to come.

Wade (2011)


Letters from Children:

Dear Mr. Hoff,

My mother read me your books when I was two and three.  Now I am eight but I still enjoy reading your books.  They are funny, they don’t become old-fashioned and you draw very nice pictures too.  I like one book from the library so much I had my mother type it into the computer for me.  It was called My Aunt Rose.  I like cats very much and already I have two. I have a nice house with two well spaced lawns.  I also have a dog that is fairly over weight.  I have a brother who is the same age I am and looks a lot like me. I am glad to say I have very smart and nice parents.  Do you remember being in the Catskill Mountains over 60 years ago and having a very enjoyable friendship with a 14 years old named Lillian?  My grandmother was that teenager and she has never forgotten you! 

Your friend and admirer, Kyle (1994)

Dear Mr. Hoff,

Hi, I’m ten years old and I just had a birthday party February 27th.  It was fun.  I just wanted to ask how did you make Sammy the Seal?  Did you have to sit awhile before you wrote it?  I love the book Sammy the Seal.  I used to read it until I would fall asleep.  Will you write some more Sammy the Seal books? I love to read that book.  I would love to have a collection of Sammy the Seal books.  I’ve checked it out of the library a lot of times.  Thank you.  I hope you answer my questions…

Sincerely, Ray

Dear Mr. Hoff,

I am a junior in a Teenage Parenting Program.  I am currently taking a course called Communicating with Children and one of our assignments is to write a letter to an author of children’s books we liked.  I chose you because I met you at my school when I was in the 2nd grade.  You autographed my books – Danny and the Dinosaur and Sammy the Seal.  I made my dad read them to me almost every night.  I currently have most of  your books at home and just gave them to my eleven week old son.  I love all the animals in your stories and think you’re a very good illustrator.  In Danny and the Dinosaur, you gave the animals human traits and I think it’s funny to know how they can talk and the animals are cute.  You really are unique. I hope you will continue to write books in the future so I can buy them for my son and read them to him. 

Sincerely, Jennifer 


Parent Letters of Appreciation:

I have been recently re-introduced Syd Hoff books through my young son’s love of books. He definitely enjoys hearing over and over again, stories about Grizzwold and Danny and the Dinosaur. I'm a little late out the gate with fatherhood at age 52, but I am getting a kick out of him enjoying the same books I enjoyed as a child. I also enjoy finding other old Hoff books like Duncan the Dancing Duck.

.Peter (2011)

Dear Mr. Hoff,

Thank you for providing the “spark” which has ignited my son’s desire to read.
Alex is a very bright eight year old with a vivid imagination, artistic talent and a love for animals.  He excels in math, science and art but has been very distress and angry because he now requires reading assistance.   All attempts to motivate him have failed. He would prefer picture books on nature, science and all manner of animals. Finally I asked the school librarian to steer him in the direction of “easy-read” fiction stories about animals.  That week he came home with Danny and the Dinosaur.  He read the book immediately and re-read it several more times.  The following week he came home with Julius and Sammy the Seal.  Again, he couldn’t get enough of them.  Last week he came home with Chester and The Horse in Harry’s Room… he read both on the way to the dentist’s office and was thrilled to find a copy of Thunderhoof in the dentist’s lobby and proceeded to read it. Alex now has gained the confidence he needed and the desire to read without being prompted.  Your books have tapped into his love of animals and opened up a whole new world for him.

Thank you,

Dear Syd Hoff,

I am writing to thank you with all my heart for writing the kind of books that finally awakened my daughter’s desire to read.  Ever since my daughter was quite young, I had rented book after book from the library trying to find something that would turn her on.  She was struggling with reading in different ways but I felt if I could find the right book, she would see what a beautiful experience reading could be. You were the answer to a mother’s prayer.  When Chelsea was 7 years old, I brought Sammy the Seal home from the library.  She read it and our lives began to turn around.  She laughed and laughed all through the book.  She talked about the book constantly.  She read it over and over.   She gained confidence with reading words with every turned page.  She began seeing the words from the Sammy the Seal book in other books and around town.  She began to finally pay attention to the way a word was spelled and here spelling began to improve. The world became a different place for her.  As she wrote to you in her letter, we did go out and buy that book in hardcover.  We want to always have that book in our home because it was a milestone for her and for us. It’s been about a year since she first met Sammy and now she is writing little stories of her own.  Never would I have dreamt that this child would be so creative and that her vocabulary would grow like it has. I can’t begin to thank you for your work as an author.  Thank you for sharing your God-given talent with parents and children around the world.  You have truly made a difference in a child’s life.

Forever fond of all your wonderful writings,
Greta (2000)

Dear Syd Hoff,

When you are a parent you have to read a lot to your children and it's great. But sometimes you get tired of it and hate it because you can't stand the books you are reading. You avoid the stupid, poorly illustrated or poorly written books, or the lengthy books. They are lame, and your children want to read them over and over and over and you are sick of it!  Well, let me introduce you to one of my favorite children's authors, Syd Hoff. I LOVE HIS BOOKS! True, they lack authenticness, but they are hilarious. I think he wrote his books to entertain the adult reading to the child. Syd Hoff has quick reads. They are so delightful. And classic. I don't get tired of them. We read them over and over and over and I'm a mom that enjoys reading to her children. Taylor and McKay love him too!


Dear Mr. Hoff,

Whenever we visit our local library, our five year old son marches straight for the “H” section located on the young readers shelves.  “Here is another Syd Hoff book, mommy.”  He began reading early, but reading never seemed so exciting until he was able to hold one of your entertaining and smartly illustrated books in his lap and to red for himself.  Our ten year old daughter and eight year old son will read all of our new Syd Hoff books on the way home fro the library.  My husband and I spend much time reading to our children.  It is so encouraging as parents to see our children loving to learn for themselves and they are enjoying themselves in the process.  Thank you very much for your books that have served as catalysts for young readers everywhere.  I thank you for the gifts that you have given to my children personally. 

Sincerely and gratefully,


Teacher/ Library Notes of Appreciation:

Syd Hoff was my friend. We first became acquainted when I saw him at a mini-conference in a Ft. Lauderdale (FL) library where he entertained a mesmerized audience of teachers, parents, and children with one of his "chalk talks". When I returned to my school, I moved mountains to give our students what I knew would be an unforgettable experience for them. It took a while, but we secured the money and scheduled Syd. My teacher friends and I picked him up at the Orlando airport and became his friend on the spot. This was 1985 and through the next 12 years, we would invite him a total of 4 times! While at our schools he would perform at assemblies (daytime and evenings for PTA dinners in his honor), go to individual classrooms, and sit in the library while students brought their preciously favorite Syd Hoff books hoping for an autograph. He did more than that...he always drew a cartoon with his signature. As the years moved on, I would see Syd in Miami Beach where I would visit MY 'Aunt Rosie.' Her apartment was near the local library and he would visit her from time to time. Syd lost his beloved, Dutch, in 1994- the same year we lost our daughter, April. He had a special place in his heart for her....sending her signed books in the mail. His concern for us was touching....he knew our pain. Bottom line, we are richer because we met Syd Hoff. He is so missed….

Cindy Ehrhardt

Dear Mr. Hoff,
Thank you for coming to Cajon Park School in Santee, CA on June 6, 1996.  I really enjoyed your drawing presentation.  But I was especially thrilled to see my first graders’ reactions. They came back to the class so excited and motivated that I let them do drawing instead of the regular work.  Many of my students don’t have experiences with older people – they don’t live near grandparents or great-grandparents.  You showed them that older people are fun, capable and so different than the sad stereotypes often presented on TV or in the movies.  

Marilyn D.
First Grade Teacher

Dear Syd,

Thank you for visiting with the students and staff of Santee School District.  You were wonderful! Everyone loved your visits.  You certainly are outstanding at entertaining students (and adults) of all ages.  It was my pleasure to have a chance to spend time with you.  I hope you will want to visit San Diego schools again.  I appreciate your willingness to contribute to the education of Santee students in this way. 

All my best,
Dr. Helen F.
Coordinator, Library Media (1996)


The Garage Sale Treasure:

It wasn't a "great" garage sale, but we did find a treasure or two. We picked up a few coloring books, some national geographic type magazines for the kids to look through, a new Bingo Game that had a Cage Set for the balls to turn in, and my favorite find the: "Sammy the Seal" Book by Syd Hoff. I remember this book from when I was a kid. It is simple as can be, but so very intriguing to children. After breakfast we read "Sammy the Seal" and the kids proceeded to act like seals catching fish. So funny.



Library Find:

I found a couple of paperbacks and 3 CDs in the library’s used book shop. Also a hardback kids book, The Horse in Harry’s Room. I remembered the story from growing up. Even more, I remember the illustrator’s style. Syd Hoff’s drawings bring back the simple pleasure and wonders I found in reading when I was young,

Heidi (writer, web designer)


Memories from Childhood:

Danny and the Dinosaur really sparked my imagination (it helped that I loved dinosaurs!) and it really still resonates today. I saw a copy at a Barnes and Noble while shopping with my fiancé, and I got all excited and started going on about how cool I thought the book was when I was a kid and I'm pretty sure I turned back into that 7 or 8 year old boy who cherished that book. I was also going through some boxes of books at my mom's house recently and came across my old copy of Sammy the Seal. Like with "Danny," I had written my name in every page. I put "Sammy" aside in my 'To Keep' box so that I can give it to my kids (when I have them) and they can experience Syd Hoff's amazing creativity and storytelling, too.

Dante (2011)

Syd Hoff books ere probably some of the most special and important books in my early reading stage. I so fondly remember reading about Danny and the Dinosaur and Sammy the Seal, and something about the pictures was always so comforting. I read them and re-read them over the over again, and they became some of my children’s favorites, as well

Andrea (2011)

Now that my oldest is reading more school-type books, it’s so fun to hear her reading the books that I remember feeling proud to have mastered. One of those books is Danny and the Dinosaur, written and illustrated by Syd Hoff. Both of my oldest kids are as tickled as I was at the antics and adventures of the dinosaur


I totally remember reading Danny and the Dinosaur when I was younger! I think it’s great to get the chance to read the same books to my daughter,


My 7 year old son just read my 30 year old copy of Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff, and it inspired him to ask if we could go to the museum to see some real dinosaurs. What could be better than that? Now I get to not only instill the same love of reading in my own children, but get to introduce them to all of my old friends as well, my books,

A Mom.

Danny and the Dinosaur was one of my favorite children’s books. I still own this book.   It really captured my attention. Syd Hoff had a way with always doing that. I love his use of larger than life imagery.


Great Gift Idea:

Awhile ago, I picked up half a dozen vintage "I Can Read" books at Goodwill.  Among them were four by Syd Hoff: Albert the Albatross, Danny and the Dinosaur (which we already had but when you live in a house where sharing can be an issue, two copies of the same book isn't a bad thing), Oliver, and Sammy the Seal. Awhile ago, I picked up half a dozen vintage "I Can Read" books at Goodwill.  Among them were four by Syd Hoff: Albert the Albatross, Danny and the Dinosaur (which we already had but when you live in a house where sharing can be an issue, two copies of the same book isn't a bad thing), Oliver, and Sammy the Seal


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