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"Laugh It Off"
syndicated in over 200 magazines
All rights reserved. These cartoons have been reprinted with permission from King Syndicate

"He's 130 pounds of muscle, with another 80 pounds of fat covering it."   "The operation won't cost you a penny. I've decided not to charge my first patient anything."

  "Tell me Ferguson, do you have much trouble coping with YOUR parents?"
"How do I know you really played golf? You haven't thrown away one club."
"My daughter will be with you shortly. Would you like to hum something in the while?"
  "Marilyn, don't I mean anything to you besides a home. children, and security for the rest of your life?"

"Ed takes a brisk walk every evening -- to the refrigerator ."   "Your son, who is just learning to stand on his own two feet, just came home"   "Excuse me beautiful -- is my wife in there?"
"He said I've only got six months to live, dear. I'll be seeing you."   "They met in a mud puddle. It was love at first sight, until they washed their faces   "I'm worried about our son. He says he's going to start taking my advice."
"Wouldn't it make you feel better to just scold me?"
  "That reminds me -- your father will be getting out soon."   "I guess he's not quite ready to settle down yet."

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